Termite Control Cape Town

Termites are destructive little creatures and have the ability to cause mass damage to wood and timber. This can often result in structural damage and extreme cases can warrant the closure of buildings, homes or commercial property until the relevant fumigation and repairs are completed. We offer preventative services and treatments for Termite Control Cape Town which we will tailor to your specific requirements following a thorough inspection of the property. We have fully trained and qualified exterminators on our team which are all fully versed in the art of termites control and using chemical fumigation and pesticides in controlled environments.

Termite Control Cape Town

Termites although small can bread very quickly and nest in large numbers. If left, they can tunnel through your property and eat their way through wooden structures, support beams, floorboards, window frames and doors causing expensive repairs and potentially dangerous living conditions. We are experts in Termite Control in Cape Town and have seen it all. From small and relatively localised issues through to full scale infestation, we know how to deal with the problem professionally, quickly and affordably.

Termite Control in Cape Town

We also cater for any preventative measures you may wish to take. We recommend when building a new property that you have you wooden structures and other timber treated, avoiding termites setting in. This also applies to soil treatments surrounding your property to stop termite invasion from the outside. We actively control any kind of termite issues you may be having with fully insured and guaranteed services for even further peace of mind. Whatever your issues might be, call in the professionals for Termite Control Cape Town and let us get you sorted in no time leaving your property as safe and healthy environment once again. Call today to arrange a site visit and diagnosis on 021 300 1905

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