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You are sitting in your couch watching TV with your spouse enjoying yourself and out of nowhere a rat jumps on your lap. This may be funny when it’s happening to someone else but if your house is infested with these creatures, you are one step closer to becoming a victim. Do not look far for a professional exterminator company. We have everything needed to control any pest in Somerset West. We have over three decades worth of experience in this business combined with our highly qualified and trained staff, we make pest control in Somerset West look like a very simple task.

termite control and fumigation somerset west

For Somerset West residents, we have brought our services close to you by establishing offices in Somerset West. Our Somerset West pest control team of staff offers termite control, bees, cockroaches and wasp fumigation. They also provide extermination services for the eradication of the annoying rats and termites. With our level of experience, you can rest assured that no pest infestation problem is impossible with us. We guarantee that after we have eradicated pests from your home, a re-infestation will be an unlikely occurrence. Our long list of satisfied clientèle is a testimony to the effectiveness our services.

pest control somerset west

Do not wait until the infestation problem gets out of hand, call us, and we will be glad to help you. Flies, termites, rodents, bed-bugs, wasp and other bugs may be everywhere in Somerset West, but we have everything needed to exterminate this pest menace for good. Get the pest free home you have always wanted without straining your financial capability today and call us on 021 300 1905

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