Rodent Control Cape Town

Rodents are something we all never want to see on our property. Having Rats or Mice is a sign to many that they property is unclean and unmaintained. You should act quickly if you discover any kind of rodents in your home or commercial building and upon discovering a nest; you need to be calling us right away! Besides being an eyesore, Rats and Mice can spread disease and illness very quickly and rats are well known hosts of dangerous infections. Our Rodent Control Cape Town takes care of every aspect of your problem from determining entry points to setting traps and bait to avoid them coming back. We also remove all dead rats, mice and rodents as a result of the bait or traps we set; it’s all part of the service!

rodent control cape town

In order to achieve effective Rat Control Cape Town, our specialists will first need to conduct an in depth survey of your property to determine the routes and runs of suspected rats. Following this, we are able to place rat traps and bait in order to catch them. For more serious rat infestations and large numbers of rodents, we can place poison in the nest that will eventuality eradicate them or cause them to move to a new home – away from yours!

Rat Control Cape Town

Mice can affect your home and can be found in kitchens scavenging for food or in roof voids where they tend to nest. Setting simple mouse traps is a common way of prevention but again, for more serious issues, we can use alternative methods to rid these pesky rodents from your property. Our Rodent control in Cape Town is fast, effective and guaranteed to stop these animals returning time and time again at your property. Just give us a call on 021 300 1905 for more information or to talk directly to an extermination specialist to arrange a site visit and inspection.

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