Bug & Insect Control in Cape Town

We deal with a large range of bug and Insect Control Cape Town. We can completely eradicate all known bugs so matter how severe the issue may seem. Some of the most common types of bugs and insects we encounter are as follows:


Bee Control Cape TownWe offer professional Bee control Cape Town and will be able to safely remove nests and problematic African Bees to avoid aggressiveness and stings. If you have Bee’s and need them removing fast, give us a call today!


Fly Control Cape TownWe can exterminate house flies, horse flies, fruit flies and Horn Flies with ease. Fly problems are usually a direct result of maggots forming in rotten food and rubbish. Removing such issues will greatly reduce your risk of a large scale fly problem. For all Fly Control Cape Town, contact us today and talk with a specialist in the area.


Spider Control Cape TownSpiders in general don’t invade in mass numbers but some species can be deadly to both humans and pets. If you are unsure and need expert Spider removal and Spider Control in Cape Town, give us a call.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control Cape TownBed bugs tend to gather in your mattress and are virtually impossible to see. They come out at night while you sleep and tell-tale signs are often seen by red bite marks or trails on your skin. Bed Bug control in Cape Town involves steam cleaning and vacuuming your mattresses and using a repellent to avoid the bed bugs coming back


Flea Control Cape TownFleas are common on pets but can also jump from host to host including humans. They bite and leave an irritant mark. We can provide flea extermination and flea control in Cape Town treating you, your property and your pets for fast effective relief.

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