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We are experts in providing fumigation in Cape Town and cover requirements for any purpose, infestation or pest control issues. Flying insects and small bugs are hard to capture and often multiply in large numbers making them hard to contain and fully exterminate using off the shelf pesticides. We can isolate and contain your issue and our professional fumigators will offer advice and the best course of action to fully exterminate your infestation for good.

fumigation cape town

Commonly, we are called out to large scale infestations which are often caused by termites or wood borer beetles and where fumigation Cape Town is a necessity in order to achieve full eradication. Depending on the severity of your issue, it may be necessary to seal of your entire building to make sure that all affected areas are treated properly. If caught early and we are confident that the spread of the infestation as not affected the whole property, we can isolate the area and simply treat the parts of your home where bugs are present and cause less inconvenience to you and your home. We provide our fumigation services in a controlled environment and adhere to the highest standards and regulations for the safe use and dispersal of pesticides and fumigants. We use eco-friendly products that do not cause damage to your property or the surrounding wildlife.

pest fumigation cape town

If you are looking for preventative fumigation Cape Town then we can assist. We deal with fumigation services for the purposes of export and shipping containers as well as the importation of good from overseas to help your company to conform to relevant ISPM-15 regulations. Whatever your requirements might be, you can rest at ease knowing that we deal with a wide range of pests and fumigation services for both domestic and commercial use. Call our team of pest professionals today on 021 300 1905 for further information, to book an appointment or to arrange for a site visit.

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