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Although pests exist in different shapes and sizes, one characteristic that all of them have is the ability to disturb and irritate. Our Cape Flats pest control specialists can help you to get rid of both crawling and flying pests in the best way possible. Our over 40 year experience in pest control puts us in a prime position to fight any pests. In addition, our qualified personnel has put considerable measures in place to eradicate all harmful vermin from your home without causing any harm to the surrounding environment.

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Many homes in Cape Flats face pest re-infestations. This is because most of them rely on traditional pest control methods, in order to eradicate these resistant creatures. Efficient Pest control in Cape Flats is achieved through a series of processes that not only ensures complete pest elimination but also prevents chances of future re-infestations. Before our exterminators commence termite control, rodent control or wasp fumigation, the inspection team uses modern methods to check for all the available pests. Afterwards, we determine the best method that we can use in order to solve the problem completely. This applies to Bird Proofing installation and we guarantee to provide the best prevention and cure at all times.

Do not let pests cause you problems when you can eliminate them once and for all. Our fumigators are well prepared to use eco-friendly chemical formulations to exterminate pests from your home. Whether you have been infested by wasps, bees, rodents, weevils, beetles, spiders, bedbugs or cockroaches, you only need to give our Pest control Cape Flats a call and your home will be safe again.

We service pest control and fumigation issues throughout the Cape Flats but please do call to confirm your location:

Pellican Park * Philippi * Samora Micheal * Strandfontein * Wetton * Electric City * Elsie’s River * Epping * Grassy Park * Gugulethu * Hanover Park * Kalksteenfontein * Khayelitsha * Langa * Lansdowne * Lavender Hill * Athlone * Belhar * Bishop Lavis * Blue Downs * Bonteheuwel * Crawford * Delft * Lotus River * Macassar * Manenberg * Mitchell’s Plain * Nyanga * Ottery

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