Cockroach infestations are common in households and places where food is prepared. If you have cockroach issue within your home, the likely source is the kitchen or any other area where food may have been left such as the refuse areas and garbage areas outside your property. There are many steps that can be taken to ensure you keep these pesky, dirty little critters at bay! The illustration in the infographic below gives you some indication into the seriousness of real cockroach problem.

Coqckroach infographic pestcontrol-capetown

As you can see above, there are many different varieties and breads of cockroach that can infest your property. When they do, they bread very quickly and in large numbers. They are also notoriously hard to kill and you will need the services of a professional pest controller to come to your aid and fully fumigate the infested area. Thankfully, help is at hand when you call our team of experts. We can not only eradicate the issue but also place preventative measure to stop the problem from re-occurring. Make sure you keep a tidy kitchen or food prep area at home and leave no trace of food source to attract cockroaches in the first place.

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