Bird Proofing & Bird Control Cape Town

Birds are not directly dangerous in any way but they can cause a nuisance when they gather in numbers particularly because of the mess they leave behind. Bird and pigeon droppings leave an unsightly mess as well as the potential to cause a hazard to health. Effective Bird and Pigeon Proofing Cape Town will provide relief from this annoying situation and leave your property clean, healthy and bird free once again! As the areas leading pest eradication, prevention and control company, we are certain to be able to assist you!

Bird Control Cape Town

Prevention is always better than the cure and in many cases is also a lot cheaper! Getting your property pigeon proof and by deploying Bird Control Cape Town measures, you are guaranteed not to run into problems further down the line. We use pigeon and bird spikes to target window ledges, roof tops and roof voids which are common to attracting birds to settle. Anywhere that is a potential perch for birds can be proofed. Using other methods including caging off areas, wire mesh and netting, we can custom proof your home or commercial premises to make sure it’s a bird free environment for good.

Pigeon Proofing Cape Town

Birds come in many shapes and sizes and nest sizes vary depending on the type of bird. Besides the mess caused by birds, they can also be very noisy. We can humanly remove birds from your property without harming them and then take the appropriate methods of Bird Proofing Cape Town to ensure they don’t and can’t return to the same spot. Give us a call today and tell us the issues you’re having, we’ll have a cost effective solution ready for you in no time! Call us on 021 300 1905 or use the contact form to your right to send a message or request a quote.

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